Our Value

We Analyze

The first thing we do upon engagement by any client is to understand their needs and goals. For a sport team or a food-and-music festival, the objective is most often to sell tickets. For a shopping center or a new restaurant, the goal is often exposure and the effective delivery of community-facing information. For a new technology project, the objective could be anything from supporting their company’s fundraising mission to generating product reviews. At BWF, we must first understand and fully embrace our client’s needs before proceeding to the next phase.

We Create

With campaign objectives clearly understood, we then determine the precise necessary course of action. Using a fully holistic approach, BWF deploys a full arsenal of communication and implementation tactics ranging from public relations, community outreach, social media and journalism to special event campaign development and implementation. Every stage of every campaign Is carefully crafted and designed to work in tandem with both internal and elements to deliver optimal results at the highest levels of efficiency.

We Implement

With a team comprised of some of the nation’s most accomplished communication, marketing and special event professionals, we put our plan into action. Whether it’s writing stories for the Army Ten-Miler race program, delivering a year-long communication and public information campaign the World Police and Fire Games, managing year-’round public information for Safeway Supermarkets or introducing a new product to the world at the Consumer Electronics Show, BWF puts our campaigns into action … powerfully, dynamically and effectively. 

We Deliver

The proof of our efficiency can be found in the results we produce. Sure, we product stories, we increase social media followers and we create events but more than that, we entrench our clients as thought leaders and industry luminaries, we deliver their products and services to their target customers and we positively – and vigorously – impact their bottom lines. After all, clients don’t engage BWF solely to sing their praises; they look to us to become partners. Their mission becomes our mission; as a result, we often have a major stake in their successes.