Involving Mainstream Media In Specialized Content

American Medical Informatics Association

Situation: When the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) brought their annual Symposium for Computer Applications in Medical Care (SCAMC) to Baltimore, medical and technological trade publications lined up to cover the event. However, the association wanted coverage from more publicly viewed media outlets, so the general public could learn more about what was happening within their association.  

Objectives: BWF was subcontracted by the advertising agency negotiating media buys to help secure more editorial coverage for the annual event. While any media attention was welcome, BWF focused their efforts on securing regional stories in the Baltimore and Washington markets.

Process: To find stories the more mainstream media outlets would want to cover, BWF identified various vendors at the symposium that presented highly interesting and more commercial technological breakthroughs. From robotics and wireless data transfer to revolutionary approaches to imaging, and multi-platform sharing of information, BWF effectively sold these attractions through news releases, media kits, story pitches and personal follow-ups.  While our focus was on mainstream media, our staff handled all the logistics for the trade media as well, including the entire credentialing process and providing information and gifts to the media. BWF also arranged a major news conference at which breaking news was unveiled and introduced by a leading expert in the medical informatics field.  

Results: – BWF placed dozens of stories in mainstream print, radio, and television outlets aimed at the general public, successfully accomplishing the goals of the client. In addition, the trade media in attendance the smoothly run onsite media center.

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